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Monday, April 23, 2007

Westboro Baptist Church; Pitching a Song to Slayer

god hates the world!
and all her people!
to be honest, i don't think they'll be into it.
it's not scary at all.

i'm sure they had fun making it, though.
everyone i know loves a bit of cathartic expression of their unjustified hatred, and i'm sure these dullwitted fools are no different.

i am curious how they square the 'god hates the world' message with that whole 'god is love' thing, but hey, fuck it.
i have two leather belts and i'm vegetarian.
we can't all be perfect, can we?
i mean, come on.
if we needed these spiritually bereft morons to actually understand their saviour's message before ramming it down our throats then we'd have missed out on this classic track, and all those lovely sermons they broadcast.

i wonder if they'll get into terrorizer?


Blogger McGuire said...

Tis true they are mad! AT leats they have married their intentions with the world evne if it happens to be the most caustic kind of hate.

Fundamentalism...tis a scary aspect of the religious soul...and there are so many demoninations!


26 April, 2007 12:20

Blogger DalaiDahmer said...

i think the westboro dudes have done well in terms of brand recognition, hey.

there's what, seventy of them? seventy one or something? and yet they are a global phenomenon.

people all over america have stories about them; meeting them, speaking with them, being abused by their placard waving craziness.

less than a hundred people, all of whom believe that they are the only ones out of six billion to go to heaven? that's special kind of crazy, and they've become globally known off the back of it.

i know some bands who could do well to copy their level and intensity of exposure.

the song has now been removed, i think. shame, as it was the unintentional hilarity moment of the week.

26 April, 2007 17:34


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